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Determining Your Home Sale Price


The selling process begins with a free home valuation from Florida Sunset Group.  

Step 1

After your initial contact, our team will pull public records and MLS history (if applicable) to start. This will provide general details about your property. This does not solely determine value. Every home is unique and rarely can a price be given without a tour of the home being done first. 

Step 2

Kara or Dawn will set up an appointment with you, to come and view your home. While there, you will be asked questions about your home and detailed notes will be taken. You are an integral part of the eventual determination of your home's current market value.

Step 3

After we tour your home, we will create a customized report for you. In this report, you will find a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and copies of any supporting documentation used to determine the value of your home, as well as helpful homeowner tips for selling a home. The CMA will show you properties comparable to yours that have recently sold. When there are variations in size, age, condition, improvements, upgrades or value-added features, location or view, adjustments are made. This in turn shows us what buyers are paying for a home like yours. This is what determining market value means - what your home would sell for in today's market. In addition to the CMA, we will also include in your report what is currently for sale in the market. Knowing your competition is very important in finalizing price.

Step 4

Kara or Dawn will meet with you to go over this report and discuss the findings.

To find out the value of your home, fill out the form: Find My Home's Value