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Consultation on Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale


Homes can be shown in a multitude of ways: professionally staged with real furnishings and decor, virtually staged, furnished, or vacant. Your unique situation will likely dictate how it is shown. There is no correct way, as long as you remember these tips: 

  • Clean Sells
  • Do any home projects that have been on your to-do list. Big impact comes from attention to small details. 
  • Buyers are buying your home, not your belongings. Furniture and decor should showcase the home's features and space. If a buyer is distracted by personal belongings they are not focused on your home during their brief tour of it. Minimize or eliminate those distractions from their view. This also allows them the opportunity to imagine their own belongings in the home.
  • If your closets are bursting at the seams a buyer reads: this closet doesn't offer enough storage space and in general, this home is short on storage. Clean out the closets, sell or store the excess offsite.
  • Has a buyer ever said "I want a cramped space that is tight and hard to move around in"? That said, give them the opportunity to see your home as spacious. Only keep the furniture that accentuates the space, again sell or store the excess offsite.
  • Buyers are often touring more than your home on any given day, you need to make your home stand out from the competition. Highlight value-added features with creative staging. 
  • When buyers see a home that needs maintenance or cleaning they automatically think 'work'. That is not what you want them to remember. When they recount the homes they previewed, we want them to think about the lifestyle they can enjoy from within your home, not the effort it takes to keep it up. We do that by focusing their attention on the features and benefits, rather than distracting them with immediate maintenance needs. 
  • Consider the brightness of your home. Florida home buyers are looking for bright, clean spaces!

It does not matter what price point your home is in, it can always benefit (both in potential price and marketability) by your thoughtful touches, staging, clearing out and cleaning up. Our team is very experienced in how to prepare your home for a successful sale and always happy to offer you suggestions. Depending on your time and budget, there are resources available in our community that can help with this process at any level.  


Traditional vs. Virtual Staging


Traditional Staging is physically moving in furnishings and decor to help make your home more desirable to buyers. It can have amazing results, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming. In today's hot market, we've found great success with Virtual Staging instead. Virtual Staging is the art of placing digital images of furnishings, rugs and decor into a photo of an empty room or space. This method creates amazing results in vacant homes and in spaces that are neutral and clean. A fresh coat of paint truly creates the perfect blank canvas from which to build upon. This type of marketing is appropriate anytime but especially today when buyers are relying heavily on viewing properties online. Our team is able to showcase the potential in a property and help the buyer conceptualize what living in that home would feel like. If you’re interested in selling your home and would like to discuss virtual staging, please contact us!

Florida Sunset Group Virtual Staging Samples