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Kara Eisenga aims to provide buyers with intelligent, comprehensive and easy-to-use search tools. There are several ways in which you can search, find the one that works the best for you or use them all. We hope the following hints will help you take full advantage of our search features.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search allows you to limit your search through many criteria. Please note that every listing in the MLS is entered by a human. Some will include specifics such as cul-de-sac lot, a canal's water depth, the rear exposure. However, not every listing agent will include every detail. If you search by very specific criteria please be aware that you may exclude listings that would qualify but have not had that specific criteria listed. I recommend trying multiple searches and playing with the criteria. Once you have your search narrowed down, consider saving the search and/or setting up an auto-email for new listings that match your criteria. At any time you wish to modify or delete a saved search or auto-email, it is simple to do. If you are not seeing something in the advanced search that you wish you could search by, contact Kara and we will consider adding that field. 

Map Search

The map gives you the option to search for properties by price range, and further filter by criteria you select, and have results show up on the map. You can zoom in [] and out [], refresh [  ] the map after you change criteria or select areas by shape. The map is viewable in three styles found in the Layers icon [].

Map Search: Polygon

When you search by map you can select any area you would like to include using the Draw a Polygon icon []. If living right on the Gulf is your thing, you can select an area that encompasses the entire coastline of Naples and goes East only as far as your desire. Want to live North of Pine Ridge but South of Immokalee, West of 75 and East of 41 - you can select it on the map! Once you have created a shape, you can use the Edit Layers icon [] to change the shape, or the Delete Layers icon [] to remove the shape.

Map Search: Radius 

When you search by map you can select a radius around any spot on the map using the Draw a Circle icon []. Do you want to live only so far away from your workplace, draw a circle around it and widen to your preference. Once the radius has been created you have the option to use the Edit Layers icon [] or Delete Layers icon []. When editing the radius, you can drag the handle [] on the outside edge inward or outward to limit or expand the radius. You can move the selected area wherever you like by clicking and dragging the handle [] in the center of the radius.

Quick Search: 

There are multiple places you can perform a quick search on our website. Search by listing id (mls) number, street name, address, price range, number of bedrooms/baths.